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Get Your Hands Dirty with a New Vegetable Garden

Are you growing a new vegetable garden this spring?

Oh spring! The birds are chirping and the grass is growing. It’s time to get out and get your hands dirty with a new vegetable garden. Now is the time to prep your soil for a new vegetable garden. This red Georgia clay can be difficult to cultivate; however, where there is a veggie, there is a way. Ultimately, make sure the soil is rich with the nutrients need to grow your new vegetable garden.

You need to know your soil first. Of course, you’re probably thinking it’s just dirt. No it’s much more than that. Your plants need to anchor their roots soil that is healthy and moist for the best results. For example, clay soil needs coarse sand or compost to grow your veggies. You can also add peat moss to enrich it. Sand will help the soil’s drainage, the compost is like conditioner and moss will help it retain moisture. Oh yeah – we almost forgot the key ingredient to growing your new vegetable garden. You need fertilizer. If you want green greens and orange carrots, fertilizer will give them that color and help them fight off diseases that attack growing plants.

Make sure your garden is located in a space that gets great sunlight. Plants need sun exposure to thrive, at least six hours of sunlight each day. You also don not want to plant your garden near trees because they will soak up all the good nutrients leaving your garden starving. Now that technical stuff is out the way, let’s get into the fun part.

Designing your garden can be exciting. Depending upon your space you can do very creative things to make your new vegetable garden. Knowing what you want to grow is very important. Lettuce, carrots, turnips and arugula are just a few vegetables you can grow this time of year. Plant carrots and turnips two weeks before the last frost. Easter is a nice gauge because there is always that final cold snap just before Easter. Lettuce and arugula can be planted when the soil is ready to be worked. These are just a few ideas, but do a little research on your desired veggies before you start planting so you know what to do and what to expect during the growing process.

You can use a new vegetable garden as a reason for better living by eating healthier. It can also serves as a way to conserve on some cash at the grocery store too. No matter what your reason is, a new vegetable garden is a fantastic way to get outside and out of the winter blues. So what are you planting this year?

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